Product promotion: SYLVAC of the IND department  
Hollywood would like to introduce the SYLVAC-SCAN Series, designed for measuring cylindrical-shaped workpieces from diameter 0.2-145 mm and maximum workpiece length of 1,200 mm. The tool is used for the inspection of aerospace industrial parts, automotive parts, connectors, screw joints in dentistry, implants, hydraulic parts and more.  The tool is able to inspect automatically in just a few seconds. User can create a report (pdf.csv.) that includes measurement results in both static and dynamic value formats. 
For further information, please contact as below;
Industrial Instruments Division
Hollywood International Ltd.
Tel. 02-653-8555, 02-653-8255, 02-251-6023 (30 lines) Ext. 710,712,720,727 and 729
E-mail: ind@hollywood.co.th