Tease the Mists,
Touch the Clouds
at ChanNgarm

High in the mountains of northeast Thailand bordering Khao Yai National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site), ChanNgarm Mountain View Resort is surrounded by picturesque mountain views and cool breezes. In rainy season and during the change of season, the clouds hang so low as if allowing you to reach them, befitting the saying: “Tease the Mists, Touch the Clouds at ChanNgarm”.

The name ChanNgarm Mountain View Resort is inspired by Chan-Pha, a local fragrant plant that grows on the steep cliff and is abundant at the resort. Their cooling fragrance can be enjoyed when seasons change from rainy to winter. In addition to Chan-Pha, the resort is home to many species of birds, butterflies and small animals. You can enjoy the sight of white squirrel running on the trees freely, a truly relaxing experience at ChanNgarm Mountain View Resort.

Escape from The Everyday Busy Life

The Resort

Resort Area

Your own private residence in the nature with unique view at different angle that will pamper your holiday retreat to the fullest. 

Mountain View Dining

Serving you Thai and International cuisine from the fresh local ingredients in the panoramic dining hall that will delight both your taste buds and sight  

Infinity Pool

Complete your rejuvenation with our fitness room and the specially-designed infinity pool that will make you feel like floating in the air 

The Outdoors Leisure

Fill your body with fresh air all day long. Enjoy private romantic moments at Suriyan-Chantra Panorama and ChomChan Square.  

Nearby Point of Interests

A city of long history dating back to prehistoric time, Korat offers leisure for all tastes from history to religion to nature to sports.
ChanNgarm Mountain View Resort

Rooms & Suites